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Dear Customer,

We are pleased that you are interested in data protection. We would like to give you an easily understandable overview of our data protection process. Our goal is to provide you with an amazing customer experience that also means that you can always trust us, that we are always transparent and honest to you. Your trust in our product is the reason why we can provide you with an amazing customer experience. We would like to thank you for this cooperation.

Who we are

We are Food Eat Express and we love data protection. While visiting our app, registering or placing orders, you agree to this privacy policy. As a data controller, we determine how we process your personal data, for what purposes and by what means. While we are required by law to provide you with all of the following information, we do so primarily out of the belief that a partnership should always be honest. As data controller we are responsible that all our processing activities are in accordance with legal requirements but also you may reasonably expect these processing of your personal data (link to "legitimate interests"). If you have any questions about data protection at Food Eat Express, you can also contact our data protection officer at any time by sending an email to We have a global Corporate Privacy Officer as we are also a member of the large and fascinating family of Delivery. We will continue to be your point of contact if you have any questions about data protection.

Privacy is your right and you have the choice

As a customer you have the choice which information you would like to share with us. Of course we need some information for the fulfillment of our contract. However, this does not always require all the data which you can make available to us. You can take the following steps to disclose less information about yourself

No data sharing

If you don't want to share any information with us at all, that's a shame. In this case we can't convince you how great our products are You can also make use of the following rights at any time:

Right to access

You have the right to be informed which data we store about you and how we process this data

Right to rectification

If you notice that stored data is incorrect, you can always update it from profile and correct it.

Right to erasure

You can ask us at any time to delete the data we have stored about you at our support email.

Right to object to the processing of your data

You can revoke your consent at any time or object to the further processing of your data. This also includes objecting to our processing, which we process without your consent but based on our legitimate interest. If you do not agree with one of our processing purposes based on our legitimate interest or wish to object to it, you may object to the processing at any time on grounds relating to his or her particular situation. Please write an email to In this case we will review the processing activity again and either stop processing your data for this purpose or explain to you our reasons worth protecting and why we will continue with the processing.

Right of complaint

If you believe that we have done something wrong with your personal data or your rights, you can complain to the appropriate supervisory authority at any time. To exercise your rights, you can contact at any time.

What data we process.

In the following description of our processing activities, we refer in each case to categories of personal data. A category includes several personal data, which are usually processed together for the purposes. Personal data is information that can identify you or even make you identifiable. We generally process the following categories of personal data for the following reasons:

What data we process.

In the following description of our processing activities, we refer in each case to categories of personal data. A category includes several personal data, which are usually processed together for the purposes. Personal data is information that can identify you or even make you identifiable. We generally process the following categories of personal data for the following reasons:

Contact Information:

Name, address, telephone number, email address. Reason: If you contact us, we collect this data because we need to know who we are talking to and what we have been talking about so that we can help you with your reason for contacting us. This also applies if you leave comments on social media on our fan pages. We do not combine this data with your profile data on our platform, but we can still identify you by your social media ID.

Location data:

Address, City, Country, Longitude, Latitude


We need this data to be able to deliver your orders. We create the longitude and latitude automatically in order to be able to process your delivery address in our other linked systems, such as our Rider app, and to display your address to our riders or riders of restaurants.

Profile data (master data):

Name, email address, password, telephone number, delivery addresses, (delivery address).


This data is your master data, which we absolutely need for our services. Without an email address / telephone number and a password, you cannot create a profile. Together with your name, this is your master data. We need your age to ensure that you are not a minor.

Order information:

Order history, selected restaurants, invoices, order ID, comments on orders, information on payment method, delivery address, successful orders and cancelled orders Reason: Each time you place an order, this information will be added to your profile. You can view all this information in your profile at any time. The information should give you an overview of your own interests and previous orders. We will also use the same information to improve our services. In addition, we will anonymize this information when you request a deletion or when your profile becomes inactive in order to continue to use this information in an anonymized form to optimize our services.

Communication data

Name, email address, telephone number Reason: If you would like to receive a newsletter, an SMS or an in-app push notification from us, we need certain information to send you the messages. Instead of addressing you with "Hey You", we find it more customer friendly to address you with your name. This category of personal information is also used by us to contact you, for example, if a product cannot be delivered and we want to offer you an alternative instead.

Payment information:

Payment method, worldpay credit card information Reason: We need this information to track your payments and assign them to the orders you have placed.

Delivery information:

Reason: In accordance with the principle of data minimization, we only provide our riders and restaurants with the information that they need from you to prepare and deliver your order.

For which purposes we process data.

We process your personal data only in accordance with the strict legal requirements. We pay particular attention to the fact that all principles for the processing of personal data are taken into account. The Delivery Boy pays great attention to transparency. Therefore, we only process your data if this is lawful and you can reasonably expect it to be processed. If, in the course of our evaluation, we come to the conclusion that the processing cannot reasonably be expected, we will only carry out the processing with your express consent.

Account creation

In rider application if you want to make you rider and want to be a rider in our company then you contact to our support and the related brach that using our service and register yourself as a rider and take your login credential to take in to the rider app as a new rider Things you need to make your account (name , email , phone number , address)


Once you have successfully registered and decided to deliver your order, we will store this information in your profile and process it in further processes so that you can take your order from us. When you submit your rider, your personal data is transferred to our backend where it is transferred to other systems for further processing. Categories of personal data: Contact Information Location data. Customer location (doorstep address).


Once you have successfully placed your order, a number of processes are running in the background to ensure that your order is delivered quickly. The following processing activities describe how and why your data is processed for the respective purposes.

Transfer to Riders and Restaurants

We use different riders for delivery. All the riders are our permanent employees and do not get the riders from any third party we have a direct contact with.

Categories of personal data:

If a product of your choice is not available for delivery or our riders cannot reach you at the delivery address you provided, they have received instructions from us to call you so that the problem can be solved easily. If you face any issues then you can contact at this email with your orderId and rider name or rider contact number displayed on the order tracking screen


We have a strong interest in informing you about new restaurants or deals when using our app. We are always working to give you an amazing customer experience. To achieve this, we negotiate very good deals for you with our restaurant partners. To inform you about these deals, we send you in our Apps in-app-notification or push-notification. It is imperative that you have activated this in your end devices. Categories of personal data: Location data Profile data (master data) Order information Legal basis: If processing takes place with your consent, the legal basis is consent. Otherwise, the processing is based on our legitimate interest. Our legitimate interest lies in the aforementioned purpose. SMS Besides other means we continue to use SMS to inform you about new deals in your area. You will only receive an SMS from us if you have given your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time for the future. Please send us an email The registration as well as the cancellation is free of charge for you. Categories of personal data: Contact Information Order information Legal basis: Consent

Online marketing

Our service is based to a large extent on convincing potential customers that we offer an amazing customer experience and that every visit to our platform is worthwhile. In order to reach as many potential customers as possible, we are very active in the field of online marketing. It is just as important to win the trust of potential customers and to strengthen the trust of our existing customers. Therefore, we would like to present to you our processes as transparently as possible.


In principle, targeting means the switching and fading in of advertising banners on websites that are tailored to specific target groups. The aim is to display the most attractive banners as individually as possible for the user and potential customer. Firstly, we define a target group and secondly, we commission our service providers to show our advertising to the defined target group. We do not process any personal data, as these are initially made anonymous. To better define the target group, we segment customer types and place different ads on different portals.

Bonus programs

We want to reward our riders' loyalty with attractive deals and points. For this reason, we offer our riders the opportunity to participate in such bonus programs. Participation in a bonus program requires consent. You can revoke your consent at any time for the future. Please send us an email to for this purpose. Categories of personal data: Contact Information.


Your satisfaction is our biggest goal. Therefore we are very keen to be available for all your questions and to answer them. In order to be able to answer these questions and understand the overall problem, we store the conversation content in and you don’t worry about your location or any other data we are here to serve as a better way we have management to look after you privacy we couldn't disclose you contact information or location information if you have any issues while using our services you feel free contact at any time we are here to fulfill your desires.